presets and editing // finding my style

I love editing. It’s a weird concept but I finally feel I am at a place where my style in constant, clean and timeless. No super special effects for me, just a few tweaks and bam. Done.

Examples (life is always better with examples):

Details: 5DMIII, Canon 50mm, shot at f1.8, 1/640 ISO: No idea, can’t find the metadata

Details: 5DMIII, Canon 50mm, shot at f1.82 1/1000 ISO: No idea. 

Subtle things like warming up the skin tone/image which is a preference thing. Some like it cool, I like it warm. Defining the eyes. Adjusting the shadows and blacks in the images. These edit took a few seconds, a few clicks, and done. I had to crop one, but that was it. Simple. Clean. Classic. 

I like it.

But I recently bought some presets for my Lightroom 4 from Michelle Bondy Photography. I bought the Harvest collection. And I love the moody look of them all, and I find that on this creative session on Dakota (my niece), some of these images look ammaazzziiinnnggg with the presets added.

My edit on the left and the Harvest “Wind and Fog” preset added to the right. 

Freaking awesome, no? Yes!

I like the moodiness. The shadoes. The tone. The fogginess. It’s like an old film. Loves loves loves it.

Not my usual style at all, but this is a creative session, just for me to learn how to use my new camera, so I can play with these images all I want. I think in early spring, with some mud and dirt around, this preset collection will be amazing to work with. I’m not changing my usual clean style at all, but I am allowing myself to play with new styles.

And in this first image, she totally looks like my Dad.

And these are the only images where I applied the filter. I think the feeling behind the images, the statements, were more in tune with look of the presets. I am now dying to try out a grittier shoot so I can properly make use of these new toys.

Fun fun fun.

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