Julia Ann + Jeff // Wedding

Julia had contacted me pretty early on about her wedding day. She was having a big Pinehouse wedding – as one does – with a lot of bridesmaids and groomsmen, and they would be going across the lake to the cabin for the photos and dance, and she wanted me to jump in with them, and it all sounded pretty amazing, anyways. Then she let me know who she was – the sister to one of my good friends who has passed away when we were teenagers.

It kind of shook me. In a good way. It made me reflect at how much life goes on after loss- it made me remember the laughter and the joy, the triumphs and the failures, of the last twenty years. It made me recognize the privilege I have in documenting people’s biggest moments, and being a small part of their days. It was a moment, ya’ll.

So off to Pinehouse I went. And it was as much fun as I thought it would be. So many familiar faces from past weddings, and so much teasing. The ceremony and meal were delicious, and getting across the lake – with all my gear – was the highlight to my day. Imagine me falling into a speed boat, basically.

Finally, as the sun was ending, I had to slip back to the mainland and head home, but not before I caught their first dance. In between the catcalls of their friends and family, they dances as husband and wife, for the first time, walking into marriage with laughter and love.

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