AYIC 2012 – it begins

I am part of the Aboriginal Youth Idea Challenge for 2012 – the great challenge that helped boost Kendall’s clothing line, Neechie Gear. He was the winner of the AYIC 2011. But I am part of this great initiative, and I am going to meetings every Saturday in Saskatoon so I’m very excited.



And nervous.

Of course, natch.

The first meeting was Saturday and was just a basic introduction to the program, who started it, what we can expect from it, and the goals of the program. Yes, they are looking for a “winner” but it feels like it’s more about helping out and guiding like-minded aboriginal youth into a mindset where they can mold their ideas into business. To provide structure and support as we make our mark. I was very impressed with the SIFE leaders and presenters.

The main presenter at our first meeting was Micheal Anderson, a young man from ERFN (wootwoot) who works with Affinity Bank and sits on a committee with big moola, basically.  He’s young, he’s determined, he grew up in relative poverty and changed that around for himself. Sweet.

I have to admit though, there was a huge sense of… isolation. A few of the contestants knew each other and were chatting and I was trying my very best to cut in and get to know other contestants but for the most part… everyone was on their smart phones, looking all educated, all determined. I may have even spotted a few leather briefcases. In a way, even though it was so First Year, I wish we could have introduced ourselves. I knew one guy who I’m already working on interviewing for something fun, and I introduced myself to a few others but people were talking about clothing lines, earrings, make-up, etc. And I wanted to jump all over them and be all “Hey! I’m doing some awesome photo shoots in the next year. Be my friend and let’s work together!”

But I didn’t.

I think it’s hugely because I am a shy person and it takes a lot for me to go up to randoms and introduce myself, although I can, and I can do it well. It just takes a lot for me to get to that point where I’m ready to do that. But it’s also only the first meeting so there’s no huge rush. I have all month to make some friends.

I’m just really exciting about the possibilities here. Taking sweetmoon to the next level. Becoming legit. Thinking about marketing and business plans. About who I am reaching, who I am connecting with. The unknown. I honestly don’t care if I “win” the competition – I think being in it and coming out with a solid business plan, a marketing strategy and a worthwhile presentation makes me a winner.

However cheesy that just sounded.

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  • Amanda FisherJanuary 9, 2012 - 4:49 PM

    This sounds really intresting. Don’t worry about making friends it will come. As far as I am concerned they should be all running to meet you for some fabulous photo shoots.

    A business plan etc is so exciting. I wish you the best of luck in the new year. I would love to find some help to do this for my businesses. Things are really taking off with my Cake buisness now as well. 😉

    Love the blog. 😉 I love real feelings and emotion. Thanks for that.ReplyCancel

welcome tho.

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