AYIC – #2

The session on Saturday was so helpful. And intimidating. We had this guy from infosource come in and tell us about all the help that his office provides. Free! Things like pointing us in the right direction for tax men, for business licenses, for business plan templates, for demographics when we’re doing research. It looked so helpful and so in-depth. It mad me feel really confident – like there was someone out there who wanted to help us succeed.

It really made me see that I need to go legit. That this is the only way if I want to truly succeed, to truly accomplish this goal. Yes, I’m working. Yes, I’m busy. But without being my own boss, truly, how can I say I’m successful?

It just really makes me think of what I want out of my business, of why I’m doing this challenge.

A huge part of why I love my job, aside from the creativity it allows, is that it allows me to be a stay at home mom for my daughter. Nothing is more important than she is, and I want to be able to raise her, to be home with her. That’s my choice. But I also love that freedom where I can go out for a few hours and do a shoot and be able to come home to her. No long 8 hour days for me. I’m my own boss, which is way more demanding, since I’m much harder on myself than anyone else could be. But I get to choose my hours. My pay. How I spend my time. And that’s freaking fabulous to me.

And being able to have a solid starting point, like this meeting gave me, is invaluable.

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