preparing for the cold

My first personal project of my 12×12 is on Saturday night. This Saturday night. I’m super super super (yes, it deserved three of them) excited about this shoot. It went through some changes and developments from the original idea. Who knew it would be so hard to get a large set of white wings that didn’t look gross? But I do think that it’s much more stark and that that it will show off what I want to say in a much better way if we’re not distracted by accessories and such. I don’t want to say too much about the idea before hand, as I’m very curious to what other people will think about the images once they’re done. I’m also nervous, which seems to be a running theme for me right now, as I’ve never done a shoot like this.

Intentionally at night.

In the dead of winter.

With professional artists working with me.

I have a talented First Nation make-up artist/hairstylist coming in to do the girls. I have two models. Okay, they’re my beautiful friends, but they should and can be models. I have the footwear. I have the clothes. Have the gear. And have the hot coffee and warm vehicle to bundle in after a few minutes.

As we are going through a frost. A chill. A Big Cold. I’m talking -45 with the windchill. That’s cold. It is supposed to warm up by this weekend – as in, it’ll only be -20 or so – but still. I’m dressing these girls in skinny jeans and tanks. Insane, I know, but necessary. I’m so excited about all the snow that’s showed up.

I don’t think my models are, but I am.

There are still a few things to do: pick up the white shoes, get the black shoes, get some blonde extensions, map out my friend’s address, chose two locations (close to a coffeeshop!), get some glittery body/hair stuff, email inspiration images to my MUA/hairstylist, send a confirmation email to models/MUA with details and times and locations and … enjoy.

Just enjoy the natural high that comes with everything working out and falling into place, even at such short notice.

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