winter project #1 – home office

I am so lucky that I have an actual office where I can close the door! Ha.

BUT it is chaos.

Absolute chaos.

I recently (as in last week) built shelves in the smalllllll closet so that I could better utilize that space. Previously, the filing cabinet was there.

But now, I have to figure out all this. I know paperless is the ideal way to go but I am also a writer. We have drafts and papers and poetry and stories everywhere. We need paper.

Excuse my mess, but these are the very sad “before” images.

That is an IKEA Expedit bookshelf with matching desk. I have had this shelving unit since I lived in Vancouver and I love it. That’s

my yellow filing cabinet – bought used, painted and painted and painted and still needs a metal paint job, but it looks good in pics. I have a large whiteboard and a large bulletin board right there, which needs to be organized and papers filed. The desk is actallynow lcutter free – I hate visual distractions – but the shelf itself needs to be organized.

I am planning on putting a white drape or something in front of the closet. It houses papers, packaging, old stuff that has no where else to go, etc. My book shelves are open, which no longer works for me. I need something with doors, as Aerie is constantly getting into things.

I need more storage space. I need bigger bookshelves. I need to organize more. I think maybe a lateral filing cabinet would work better for me – keep storage and such low and use the walls for pretty things? I don’t know.

I am not using it for showing clients anything – I meet clients elsewhere.

I am using it for – editing/etc, writing, research, storage, library.

I need it to be visually clean.

I am not one of those people who can work in clutter.

I like white, with pops of colour.

The walls are grey, the trim is white.

I can put pretty curtains up, but for now, blinds do the trick.

I want this place to reflect me and my business, to be efficient and comfortable.

I need a new chair.

I am open to getting a new desk, but need serious storage. A long white desk would suit my needs, maybe along the wall with the bulletin boards. And if I switched to lateral filing, I could get a more even flow on the other wall.

I don’t know.

This is my winter project.

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