The Laliberte’s // Family

Diana has been part of my life since 2001, when we met in Grade 12. Instant bond, instant trouble, instant awesome. We both sing off key (sad but true), we both love to laugh, and we both just get each other. Being friends with her has made my life all the better, and her family is my family. She and her sweetie Leroy have two beautiful daughters – Teorie and Parker – and this year, Diana wanted a rich, uber-Fall set for her family photos. I took her out to my friend’s farm, and then Diana came at me with a Pinterest list of “inspiration” – it’s a testament to our friendship that I didn’t cut her right then. Instead, I glanced at it, smiled, and made her put it away. Ha.

I think we did alright without the “list.”



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    welcome tho.

    Welcome to the blog, showcasing the latest sessions and adventures. In case you missed it, I'm Tenille, Dene photog, living in Treaty Six, YXE. Feel free to lose a couple hours creeping around, and drop a line if you have any questions.