Janine // Teen

It seems like I’ve watched Janine grow up in front of my camera. I took photos of her for “senior” photos her last year of school. I took her Grad photos. And now we’re celebrating her 19th birthday.

She’s such fun to work with. She always brings her bestie along, which is something so important to me. Your best friend is a huge part of who you are, especially as a teenager, and I only wish I had more photos of me and my girls together.

You know, aside from those bar-star in the Bahamas kind of pics. The ones you don’t show your parents until you’re older. Hahaha, the ones that now end up on Facebook whether you want them to or not. 

And she is always so open. She wants to try the new poses. The fun ideas. She listens to me when I boss her around (a huge plus!) and she knows how to work the camera. She is fearless, a huge part of why I love working with her.

Remember I was talking about fearless? This is UNDER the bridge. I love going under the bridge, but I’m scared. All. The. Time. I’m the kind of girl who would rather travel around the lake than drive on the ice road. I was walking along, screaming as I sunk in the snow and Janine was just calm as can be, a big dirty grin on her face. She loved it.

 Until next time, Janine. Have fun at school.


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