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James (my very talented cousin) contacted me last year, trying to set up a shoot. We decided that yeah, it would happen, eventually, and left it at that. For months and months. Finally, he and the band were game. In a matter of texts, we had set up a date and I was to have free rein. And they wanted to come North to shoot – to take advantage of our scenery.


I was nervous. Heck, I’m always nervous. It was one of my first time working with a bunch of men so I did some research, Googled way too many bands for inspiration, and finally just got down to it.

Either we would rock it, or I would blow it.

I think we rocked it.

 I first heard Erinyes play last year.

A bunch of my cousins and I drove to Meadow Lake to hear James play. He had casually invited us, and we’re all about family support, so away we went. Amidst all the boys in tight Wranglers (this is a cowboy town, after all), my cousins and I were casually sipping our beer, scoping the scene, and then… we heard this band start to play. We looked at the stage and then James started singing – rock. They instantly had our attention. They’re just that kind of band.

A bio from their website:

Erinyes is a new up and coming band based out of Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, consisting of three talented musicians: James Garcelon, Taylor Lajeunesse, and Kevin L’Heureux. Their music is a fresh sounding collaboration of each band members own take on music. The band started in February of 2010, but has already became defined by the sound and direction of their music. With a higher standard in terms of lyrics and inspiration, Erinyes wants their music to shed light on true issues surrounding the world we live in today, tomorrow, and past.

Erinyes is made up of James Garcelon (guitar/vocals), Taylor Lajeunesse (bass/vocals) and Kevin L’Heureux (drums/vocal). Like I said before, James is my cousin. Grew up with him. Kevin and Taylor – I had no clue who they were. When we started the session, I had hopped in their truck and we started talking about the band, when they started out, what they were planning for in 2012, I got to know them a little bit.

They’re a close knit group. They have such respect for each other, but in that teasing way that boys do. They were giving me the model faces, the angry glares, the rock look, but behind the camera, they were snickering and throwing out not-so-helpful comments, trying to make each other smile.

They talked of the party last night, which made the truck smell of stale beer, smokes and my first year at college (oh, the memories). They laughed about past experiences with girls. They told stories. They told on each other.

If I didn’t have so much discretion, I would mention names.

Patuanak Prince, indeed.

Contact & listen to their music… 

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Supernova // erinyes

**And we saw a beaver. Highlight of the trip, I tell you. You would think these boys had never seen beaver before. (bahahaha).

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