drayven // youth

This was the weirdest session for me. Dray is the daughter of my closest cousin growing up but what is weird is to me is that I can just see Jade (the mom) sooo clearly in Dray, even though they are so different.

Seeing Dray stare at me (she was quit suspicious of me at first) was like seeing Jade stare at me when I told I didn’t want to do something – a stare that made you want to change your mind. I kept remembering times when Jade and I would get into trouble (she would start it, all the time) and how I somehow always ended up the one being in trouble.

Dray just looked like her mom, in personality, she is quiet and seems shy, but I think it’s just her waiting to see how you measure up. By the end of the shoot, we were besties. We talked about One Direction (no clue…), new schools and chipmunks in dryers. It was random, but interesting. Just like Dray.

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