Dickson Designs in YXE // Commercial

I first met Heather, officially, back In March when we were both presenting on a Youth Panel in Thunderbay, ON. We instantly clicked – like besties, it was almost weird – and we did a sweet little collab shoot featuring amazing Indigenous artists and showcasing her clothing apparel and hankies from Dickson Designs. It just so happened that she was coming to Saskatoon to work with me and some of our dream team in YXE for promotional images.

In Saskatoon, we snagged our models Breanna Doucette-Garr (Dene/Cree), Kendra Weenie (Cree), and Josh Nash (Tahltan/mix), and our favourite makeup artist, Kacey Beaudry, MUA.  In between the two of us, we had a jewelry store of Indigenous Designers to choose from for accessories, and we used pieces from Beads, Rhymes, Life and Savage Rose and Tania Larsson, and of course, knowing me, we also got a bit extra at the end and rocked some Fox Fur by Just Furs.

We needed some clean cut images for promotional use, and as Heather is from Whitehorse, an area with mountains (she calls them hills), we wanted to showcase the skies of Saskatchewan and the flat prairie. For our second location, I wanted to dirty it up with tons of accessories and colour, back alleys and graffiti, my usual jam. We had an amazing day – our models were game for everything – and it just made the session flow. It was hot – kind of crazy hot for May – and I walked away with a ridiculous t-shirt tan/burn that lasted all summer, basically, but we also got some freaking beautiful images of some beautiful people wearing beautiful product. So yeah, totally in love with this session.

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    welcome tho.

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