AYIC #4 // it’s all about the paper

That’s my attempt to sound rap-py and awesome.


But I wasn’t initially planning on attending the last session. Money is tight after 3 weekends in the city and while they are super-beneficial, I’m not gonna starve to attend. But money came through and I did a round trip.

Thank G I did.

It was about Finances. Money. Cheddar. The Benjamins.


Fail at being rap-py yet again. And fail at being modern. I can’t believe that song was from 1997. I was in Grade Seven, dancing my heart out at Much Music Dances and being awesome, in 1997.

I was a few minutes late (a girl needs her Starbucks) but I did get a lot of it. Expenses. Revenue. Gross Income. Net Profit. Ohh la la. I felt so grown up and like a traitor to my Arts education. I’m used to hearing about inspiration, meaning, definition and approach… not expense sheets, Yearly and Quarterly Agendas and profits.

Thankfully, photography as a business is relatively simple on paper. He (the presenter) said I could simplify it down to expenses and revenue. Sounds good to me.

The next 4 weeks will be working on my business plan, as a whole. We’ve had these workshops that are geared to help us in different fields of the BP, and now it’s up to me to be as concise and fabulous as possible in the making of my BP. So then I can get chosen as a Finalist (I’ll know after the 25th of February) and hopefully, make a presentation on why sweetmoon rocks as a business.

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    welcome tho.

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