your session

It’s time to tell your story.

To share your journey.

And it’s going to be fabulous.



So you have confirmed your session and now we are doing your custom images. Getting your photos done is a big deal. It’s fun. It’s a time to feel like a rock star, to toss your head and know – just know – that you are a super powerhouse at that moment. And your hair toss will be perfect.

So feel free to run wild on pintrest, to send inspiration pics, to shop for some great new clothes, to book hair and make-up for that day. Scout locations or let me scout locations for you. I usually can recommend one or two locations for you to think about if you let me know your preference – natural, urban, etc. Or we can shoot on your family farm, or the place where he first proposed, or your favourite playground. It is up to you.

You will also have the chance to do an outfit change. You can do casual to dressy, or from jeans and tee to a different jeans and tee. Accessories are always welcome, sunglasses are cool, and fedoras make me swoon. Embrace your style. Mark your session with who you are.

Once we have decided on time and locations, I will send you a reminder email a week before.

Session Day:

I’ll meet you at the first chosen location. We’ll chat a bit. You will see I have a very loud laugh and I like to tease. I may tease you. Don’t worry, I do it to everyone. We start shooting and we will work together to get those amazing family portraits and I will continue shooting to get those great candid as well. It’s about starting and knowing that the first moments may be awkward but pretty soon, it will be so easy to forget that I am there and it’s just another day with your loved one, or your family, or your bestie.

You know, with paparazzi.

We will generally shoot in one location and move after 20 minutes to the next. Even at the locations I am constantly moving us around to keep us fresh and fun, to give you as much variety as possible.

We will end after 45 minutes to an hour, sometimes a little bit more if we need it. You may go out to celebrate a shoot well done.


I try and post a sneak peek of your session a few days afterwards. It’s always fun to see yourself looking great and having fun. In about 10-14 days, I send your disk in the mail, as well as post a blog post about our session and the day. It’s a great way to showcase your images, and it’s great to have a preview of what’s coming your way in the mail. I also include a guide of products available from me, such as canvas and albums, should you decide to go that route.