Tara AKA T-Rhyme // creative

I’ve been pushing myself to use my little Fujifilm x100s more. I bought it a few years ago, didn’t really know how to work it to it’s best, and fell out of favour with it. But now I wanna try again, so it’s been my go-to for everyday life images, and then I wanted to play with it in an actual session-ish.

Enter my bestie, my cousin, my sister Tara aka T-Rhyme. I’ve worked with her a many of times before for headshots, for Beads, Rhymes, Life, for family sessions – she’s legit one of my muses. She pushes me to get creative, she makes me try new things (“Let’s make a music video.” “No.” “I’ll buy you coffee.” “Ok then.”) and she’s always game with me saying “I have an idea, but I don’t know if it will work…”

Street shots, reminiscent of 90’s hiphop and the era of the baby backpack. We were reliving our youth.



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    welcome tho.

    Welcome to the blog, showcasing the latest sessions and adventures. In case you missed it, I'm Tenille, Dene photog, living in Treaty Six, YXE. Feel free to lose a couple hours creeping around, and drop a line if you have any questions.