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I have this cousin. Who is amazing. She is one that I often find myself turning to for advice, be it on motherhood, on creativity, on balancing passion with life. She’s a way cooler version of me.

And she raps/sings.

But it was during one of these random days in January when I was walking down the street, with Starbucks in my hand, dressed up and ready to go out, and I stopped dead and called her. “I’m having an identity crisis,” I said, almost crying into my drink.

“Why? What’s up?” she asked.

I explained that feeling of walking down the street and feeling perfectly content and happy and satisfied, knowing I was on the right path in my life, and then realizing that my baby wasn’t with me. So how could that be my right path?

“You aren’t just a mom. You’re an artist,” Tara said, soothing me, “and that means we sometimes leave our baby at home. It’s okay to follow your dream. It makes you a stronger person, a better mom, a happier mom.”

I closed my eyes and listened to her. I don’t know if she knew how close I was to quitting, to going home and snugging up and forgetting that I wanted to do more than stay home. But I listened. She knew. She had experience. She was in a crazier field than I was – a singer. A female rapper. She knew about leaving the baby to get away and record. About struggling with lack of sleep because inspiration hits. About feeling like there was no time between real job, passion, family and yourself.

Yet she managed.

She thrived.

She conquered.

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