Spring Blossoms // Creative

When I lived in Vancouver, I ran into that beautiful phenomenon of blossoms. In the spring, the roads would be scattered its pale pink and white petals from the trees. It was stunning. I was that tourist gathering the petals in handfuls and laughing in delight. So not cool.

Back in Saskatchewan, it requires a network of peoples wiling to share these amazing locations, and hitting those trees up in the right moments. This is a fleeting moment of our spring time, and Dakota and I took swift advantage of it. Between driving the wrong way in the park, climbing trees, and making sure my baby girl didn’t pull off any of the blossoms, we had a great mini-date.

I was playing around, just shooting with my Fujifilm x100s. We shot at the Forestry Farm – there are a few trees located on the main grounds. I edited in Lightroom with Tribe Archipelago presets, tweeking them to suit my look. This is a sharper look then my usual sweetmoon lool, but I’ve been enjoying it for my more personal and creative sessions.



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    welcome tho.

    Welcome to the blog, showcasing the latest sessions and adventures. In case you missed it, I'm Tenille, Dene photog, living in Treaty Six, YXE. Feel free to lose a couple hours creeping around, and drop a line if you have any questions.