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When I found out I was actually going to come to Vancouver, my friend Michelle just happened to email me out of no where. Michelle and I are really good friends – love her – but we hadn’t spoken or written since I left Vancouver. We’re the kind of friends that pick up where we left off so when she emailed just to say hi and that she was thinking about me, I took it as a sign to arrange a shoot I had been thinking about.

In less than a week, I had the model (Michelle), the make-up Artist (Nicole), and then Nicole hooked me us up with a pro-hairstylist as well. As soon as Michelle confirmed she was game for whatever I put together, I contacted my old wedding dress designer to see what kind of product she had in store that she was willing to let go of. She gave me plenty of options at very affordable prices and it was set. Model. Makeup. Hair. Gown.

I love this life.

The concept behind the shoot is very muddled. I want back alley dream shots, but still beautiful. I’m going for some of my classic portraits, but also aiming to give my 50mm a rest and to work the wide angles a bit more, to play with camera distortion. We’re starting off walking round the seedy side of downtown (hahahaha) but will make our way to some beach with a great skyline of Vancouver.

I’m moe of a “oooh, let’s stop here and try this location” kind of girl and when it’s my session, my dime, my dream – I can play.

And I should REALLY make us get out to Stanley Park! That is freaking classic Vancouver and I have never done a shoot in those trees.

And the other great thing about Michelle – she was one of my very first shoots. She remembers the day I said I wanted to be photographer. We were sitting outside this pub in the Hall thing (I forget what it’s called) and we were outside talking. I think Indra was there, Lauren. Michelle. Me. A few others. And we were talking and it may have come up somehow but I said “I want to be a photographer.” And I only remember this because it was the very first time I had ever said that out loud. That I admitted it to myself, to others. That I spoke it and made it a part of my five and ten-year plan.

I have to go find her session in my hard drive now. I want some before and afters. 2009 and 2012. Yeah.

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