women & strength // creative session con’t

I’ve been thinking about women and power, relationships and affection. I’ve always been intrigued by a woman’s role in a relationship, and how it differs from couple to couple. The idea that women have a “role” or if we’ve moved beyond that. I think about gender and identity, sexuality and feelings.

Some say I think too much.

I focused my session with Jaydon and Danny on power. On who carried it, on how it can move from person to person with a shift of body, a tilt of the head. What we see isn’t always what is, and that’s very true with photographs of people. Sure, we can say there is truth in photographs but it’s only a snapshot, a single moment frozen in time. The images tells a short story, not the saga.


Models: Jaydon, Danny

MUA + Hair: Gabrielle Laviolette, Blissful Hair and Makeup

Earrings + Clothing: Misty Naytowhow, Misty Rain Designs

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