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It is always an unexpected joy to see a couple so deeply in love. And when it comes at a time beyond the first blush of youth, it’s always so much sweeter. You have the age and experience and wisdom to enjoy this love, to cherish and nurture it, as you know that love can be fleeting. You know to smile more and to forgive more, as happy memories are better than angry memories. You know when he says “I love you” he means it to his bones, to his soul. No second guessing. No what ifs. Just a complete and honest look and acceptance of who you are and the partner you are in love.

Paulette and Bruce had contacted me for their wedding, and Paulette and I got along instantly. She was vibrant and fun and vivacious and bubbly. She had more energy than me. And Bruce was stoic and sweet and a true gentleman, the compliment to Paulette. Together they told me a sweet story of meeting online, first dates in a small bookstore and eating dinner out at their favourite restaurants. Paulette spoke of nature and trees and hidden pathways and Bruce nodded and smiled and held her hand. The way he looked at her – open, honest and genuine. Love.

Sweet love.

Congratulations, Paulete and Bruce.

You two had a beautiful day and I was so proud to be there capturing it.

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