Learning to Flash

We all have our weaknesses. For a lot of photographers, lighting is usually one of them. Natural light is easy.

Flashes, strobes, softboxes, ubrella’s on the other hand…

Like, wtf.

As part of my creative learning, I borrowed a friend’s lighting set up for a gig and was playing around with it.

Do not be intimidated by my awesome.

These outtakes were awesome.

I learn by playing.

Poor Mom was just ignoring me.

FINALLY started to get the hang of it. Not perfect but learning is how it goes.

Note to self: put light higher so it doesn’t glare in the glasses.

And my “models” were so cooperative and helpful. So helpful.

It will be very interesting tonight, as I actually have to use this light. But I do really like it, I enjoy the effect. It reminds me of the work by Christopher Rothecker, which is a good thing.

Wish me luck.

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    welcome tho.

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