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So I got a new camera. The 5D Mark III. Affectionally now known as Natasha. She feels like a Natasha.


Got this camera and I have been buying the L Series of Canon prime lenses. I am a believer that great glass can make or break a photo. But great glass on a graet body… drool-worthy.

I also believe that the gear doesn’t make the photographer, the photographer makes the gear.

Enough sayings.

I quickly got together my beautiful niece Dakota (actress, play writer, super awesome in general), some friends who work in hair and make-up, and found a new jewellery designer and had a custom ear-lace made, as well as grabbing a cute skull earring set. It was the last “fall” weekend in Saskatoon, and snow hit the following Monday. Ha! Dakota and I drove around the West Side, trying new spots. It was a complete challenge  to myself – to use new places so that I don’t fall into the same rut of locations – but I feel I found one or two new places (aside from the Buffalo Youth Lodge, but that place is always changing) and that working with someone who works in front of film was completely different.

It was so much fun.

So we ended up with some amazingly pretty pictures of Dakota, I grabbed some decent working knowledge of my camera, and I am now playing at a documentary type story that I want to do, thanks to some new locales and inspiration.

A good day.

This last series was edited using Michelle Bondy’s Pre-Set Collection, specifically “Wing and Fog” in her Harvest Collection



Model: Dakota-Ray Hebert

Hair: Abraleigh McIntyre

Makeup: Jessica Belanger // Makeup by Jessica B

Earrings: Poitrina // Fashionable Feathers

Photography: Tenille Campbell // sweetmoon photography


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