Chelsea, Vancouver 2010 // learning


It was 2010. I shot this session in 2010, I believe, just before I left the city for good. I was in Vancouver, and this is my good friend Chelsea. She is now a published author. She is amazing. And on this day, she was my willing test model for hours. I had a new camera (A rebel T1i) and ambition and clumsy hope. She had patience and understanding and a sense of humour.

I was reviewing old photos and came across this session and this image. I remember when I took it, I said yes in my head. But afterwards, I could never get it to look how I wanted it to look. I wanted this faded, old-film style look, as I feel that is Chelsea, and my editing was… interesting back in the day.

So I tried again. And I got the look I wanted. And I’m happy.

Never be afraid to go back to your earliest work. Keep playing. Keep trying. Keep learning.

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    welcome tho.

    Welcome to the blog, showcasing the latest sessions and adventures. In case you missed it, I'm Tenille, Dene photog, living in Treaty Six, YXE. Feel free to lose a couple hours creeping around, and drop a line if you have any questions.