angie & carlyle // in love – Canoe Lake, SK Photography

“He was so excited about having his picture taken that he ran into a cupboard,” Angie explained the massive bump on her youngest boy’s head as he stared at me from behind a curtain of curly hair. I grinned. He stared back with wide eyes, Bambi eyes.

We were going to get along fine.

Angie and Carlyle are getting married and celebrating their life together, a life of babies, nights at the cabins, a northern lifestyle and many family adventures. A young family with three beautiful kids of their own, they have survived by embracing the joy in life, the unexpected laughter. Angie is the steel of the family, the centre they all circle around. Carlyle is the silent one, willing to put up with me directing them for an hour so Angie could have the family pictures and the roooooomantic pictures. And the babies are the beauty, the joy, the laughter.

Congrats, Angie and Carlyle, on your engagement and I am so looking forward to your wedding!

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    welcome tho.

    Welcome to the blog, showcasing the latest sessions and adventures. In case you missed it, I'm Tenille, Dene photog, living in Treaty Six, YXE. Feel free to lose a couple hours creeping around, and drop a line if you have any questions.