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Once upon a time, in a land of Valley View School, me and my three best friends wondered the hallways, sometimes skipped class, wrote notes, studied books and talked smack. Come Graduation, we promised friendship forever and ever and I’m happy to say the girls are still the ones I consider my lifers, my wifey’s, my besties.

Fast forward ten years (omg! TEN YEARS!) and my bff’s little sister (the strawberry blond) is now wondering the hallways, sometimes skipping class, writing notes, studying books and talking smack.

Funny how little things change.

Noel had contacted me not too long ago asking for a shoot for her and her friends. Graduation year was here and friendships must be documented before Grad parties, moving for school and new lives came along. I agreed.

They came to the shoot, laughing and smiling and sharing jokes. Feeding nachos slowly to Noel so her braces wouldn’t get dirty. Teasing each other over boys, bad dates and clothing choices. It was a little unreal, a little weird hearing how the jokes stay the same while teh slang changes. How hearts are still broken over bad boys. How change affects us, one idea at a time.

The most beautiful discovery true friends make

is that they can grow separately without growing apart. 

~Elisabeth Foley


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  • Debbie MihaliczMay 29, 2012 - 10:23 PM

    Tenille, thank you so much for doing this shoot. I knew we could count on your photographic and literary talents to capture the bright Spirits of these young women, the bond that they share and the place they call home. This is especially nostalgic for me, as Noel is the last of my children to graduate from Valley View and leave home, although we know they never really leave. My hope is that they will return, as you did, using their gifts to help make our community and our north a better place. But even if they do come back down the road, things will never be quite the same. Thank you for helping us to always hold on to this moment in time.

welcome tho.

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