brandon & kate // married

Brandon and Kate.

Kate and Brandon.

They were the quintessential couple – cute, adorable, considerate. He was the tall dark handsome to her petite and fair. She was the quirky to his serious. He was the outgoing personality to her quiet demeanour. And they just worked.

On August 4th, on a beautiful sunny day in a small northern town, they walked into a church to unite their lives. They were already united, in life and in love, but becoming official, adding his last name to her, was something they both wanted, something they had dreamed about.


Brandon and Kate.

Kate and Brandon.

This is their story…

And then it was time. Time to get married, to say “I do” to the one who started a family with her, the one who made her giggle and blush, the one who had been her partner, her orkc, for the last few years. It was time to start another journey, as husband and wife.

This is when the downpour started.


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